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Each  couple's  love  story  is  unique.  

At  daydream  production  house, we  aim  for  each  wedding  film  

to  reflect  not  only  that  uniqueness, 

but  also  to  echo  the  couple's  personalities,  

preferences,  and  traditions.

 It  is  your  love  story  that  inspires  us.

Connie G.,(Mother of the Bride)  Houston,TX - Oct / 2014


The wedding video is perfect! Thank you so much. We are very happy with it, and even more happy that you were able to get all of our friends and family in it.  You took the time and effort to include everyone, and make them part of the lasting memory.


The follow reviews were written by clients who chose for their videos to remain private, a choice that all clients we work with have.


If you are interested in viewing them, we are allowed to show them on a request basis. Please send us a message.


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