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Business video production

Video is an effective form

of communication that needs

to be integrated into each and every

aspect of your existing marketing efforts.

The audio-visual communication material commissioned primarily for a use by a company, corporation, or organization. A corporate video is often intended for a specific purpose in a corporation, or business, and is viewed only by a limited, or targeted, audience. The video may include product introduction, staff training, safety training, special services, company promotion/branding, client testimonials, and/or general information. 


If you add video to your website, you can dramatically improve the volume, and quality, of traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and YouTube.

Real Estate video production


Recent forecasts from Cisco Systems suggest that the number of online video consumers will double to 1.5 billion by 2015, with total online video consumption predicted to quadruple. Since video usage is growing, businesses cannot neglect video as a viable marketing channel. Video allows businesses to create and share remarkable content with their audience in a way that plain text will never match. People love videos because they do not always have the patience or time to read through a lengthy product description. They would rather opt to watch a video that tells them more than words possibly could.


While making and publishing videos may not directly bring in the money, smart businesses use video marketing as a tactic to improve consumer engagement, click-throughs, and traffic. A study provided by Implix showed that including video in emails increased open rates by 5.6% and click-through-rates by 96.38% when compared to emails that did not contain videos.

Videos also help to bring in search traffic since the major search engines started ranking videos in their results pages. In this blog post, Forrester Research shares that videos have a 50 times better chance of ranking within the first page Google for their respective keywords. Videos also increase traffic for businesses when they are shared, and with video marketing, there is always opportunity for videos to go viral.


Since the digital age has allowed consumers to shop from the comfort of their home, shoppers have lost the ability to actually feel, play with, and see products in person. When businesses create detailed demo videos that explain their products or services, customers do not feel as if they have lost that in-store experience when shopping online. Also, with thorough videos, customer service is no longer burdened with obvious questions such as, "How does the product work?" when the video tells customers all they need to know to make their purchasing decisions.


Creating a business video is pretty exciting once you get your creative juices flowing. Instead of typing away at a blog post, figuring out just the right words to perfectly describe your business' product or service, you can make a video that brings your offering to life. This is a great way to let loose and go wild when you conjure up all your creative energies and make an awesome video that everyone besides your mother will want to watch.


Since social media has redefined marketing, videos have become an integral part of any successful marketing mix. Cross-promoting your videos with all the other content you have is a powerful way to strengthen the different signals you are sending to customers.

A successful video marketing campaign requires support from all your other marketing channels. Share your videos on your Facebook and Twitter accounts; incorporate them into some of your blog posts; and include them in your next email newsletter. Businesses should make awesome videos that complement their overall marketing strategy and keep consumer engagement high.

While video marketing is not a one-stop solution to fame and fortune, the power of video is undeniable.

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